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ZAAZ reflects Berlin’s unlimited creative spirit, in clothes that showcase individuality with ease, confidence and flair.

ZAAZ emerged out of the friendship of two longtime friends, Zeynep Yücel and Ada Zuiderhoek, who came up with the

idea to start a new line of women's clothing over dinner in Berlin in 2019. They were always on the hunt for clothes that

were unique, easy to wear yet elegant and chic but could never find the right pieces. So, they decided to start their own label

where the goal was to create a stylish uniform in which to feel confident and fashionable day or night.

Zeynep and Ada had known each other for many years working in the world of film and commercial production.

They had enjoyed working together in the past and wanted to collaborate more closely again, et voila.

ZAAZ was born. The two stayed close even after Zeynep left film to pursue a career in the art world and worked for

many years for Douglas Gordon as a producer and Ada rose to become a partner in her production company SoupFilm.

The inspiration for ZAAZ came from two very different ideas, which made the collaboration all the more exciting.

Zeynep was obsessed with bright technicolor musicals as a child, especially the fluidity of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers,

and her all time favorite Gone with the Wind. As the story goes, Scarlet had nothing left to wear after her plantation

was burned and took the last bit of fabric from the curtains in her house to create a beautiful new gown to exude

her determination and strength. Ada was inspired by her parents attention to detail and the care they took in getting

ready for their jobs in the beauty and fashion industries. Ada recalls how, sometimes, it took hours and hours for them

to get ready, which made Ada long for a simpler solution while still maintaining that attention to the little things. This

combination of vivid colors, patterns and motion mixed with exquisite details is infused in every ZAAZ piece.

ZAAZ keeps all of their production local in Berlin, with each garment made by hand by skilled craftswomen and

seamstresses, taking four to six weeks to complete. The pieces are made for women (and men) by women and

the fabrics are sourced from all across Europe, from existing fabrics spanning many decades from the '60s to today,

which helps to keep their eco footprint small. They search for one of a kind natural fabrics such as silk crepe de chine,

cotton, cashmere and wool, that have been designed by couture houses and well known designers.

Once in their hands they are given that ZAAZ spin.

Bold patterns, versatile designs, luxurious textures and vibrant colors. Designed and made by hand in Berlin.

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